Sunday, 12 October 2008

The Chains & Lights of a Freedom.


Maria Elisabeth said...

"I miss my India" ...I can't wait to go there and see/feel all these amazing people breathing religion and inspiration.
Visiting your blog is, somehow, peaceful.
I'm coming back here later. Namaste.

KiranLaxmiAnand said...

Bechhi you are so Welcome to your India!
I will be there soon. Please do come. We would love that. My family ask of you every time I go there and wants to see you. Come to the simple India.

Come to the land of color. Come to the land of 33million gods & Godesses. Come to the land of Ganga. Come to land of Ghats. Come to your India Bechhi Pituni.

I hope to see you soon in India.

Thank you for your comment. You are peaceful to see the peace.

Peace n Love,