Friday, 17 October 2008

May everyone's life be a paradise

Worship Love. Let all your acts be full of love. Let your love grow each day. Love is the basis of all. Love is the mighty nuclear energy that transforms man. So do not let every fool you meet convince you that love does not exist within you. Man is unfair to himself because he is ignorant. He beleives he is ordinary and he makes other people feel the same. I once went to bathe in confluence of the three rivers at Allahabad. As I was sitting there, a priest came up and asked me to make a vow. I did not want to, but he would not listen and kept insisting. He brought flowers and water, saying "Swamiji, repeat papo'ham Im a sinner." "You are a sinner, not me" I retorted. "Even at this holy place, you have not stopped making fools of pilgrims.
I shall say Punya'ham Punya'ham Im Pure Im Pure" From Play of consciousness, Swami Muktananda.


rm said...

vim agradecer os simpáticos comentários no bloguinho dos venenos.

Paraíso? Você já foi à ilha de Fernando de Noronha?

KiranLaxmiAnand said...

Hej RM!

Thanks! Fernando de Noronha is a hidden jwell! is a place I have not been before! ;-). Is a place I would like to go.

I can feel the warmth of the water already.


Dona Sra. Urtigão said...
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