Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Pushpa. Phul. फूल. Flower. The Best!

look at the flower
in my puja
--my offerings
luminous and peaceful.


Eliana Mara Chiossi said...


I´d like be able to tell you, in english my thoughts and ideas about writing.
Can I do that in Portuguese.

I like you in my World.

KiranLaxmiAnand said...

Sure Eliana Mara,

You can choose any language you wish and I will find ways to understand /communicate with you.

Thank you for your comment.

Maria Elisabeth said...

I'm glad you got home safe! It was akward for me, but I managed to deal with it!
When I got home, I came here, stole your Pushpa, put on my blog ... and wrote this for you.

Kiran's - my sister at heart - aura

Mimia the cat woke me up before the usual birds. She amiably climbed on my belly and gave me a nice paw-massage … purring and meowing her greeting sounds … as if she were carving Heavens on me. As soon as I opened my eyes I saw you sitting on the edge of your bed looking at a faaaaar distance. Perhaps lost in the sun that was half hidden half showing off its half moon shape ... gorgeously rising right then there … outside the window of the wooden bedroom where you slept sound and safely all night long. A gentle breeze invaded that particular space. We looked at each other and we said nothing. Not even good morning! There was nothing to be said. Our eyes had all the necessary speech. The day to drop you off at the airport arrived and I only realised that when I saw you going through the departure door. Mum loves going to the airport... so she was as happy as a child in a giant noisy amusement park. Teté reminded us to go to the post office ... so her and mum could quickly get you a souvenir from Salvador. The pair of us didn’t know where-what-how to feel. Neither when to feel sad nor when to feel happy – whatsoever. We were all dressed up very casually ... he had very light clothes on as if we knew how heavy it would get after you entered that TAP aircraft. When I saw you going through that door walking towards the gate eleven my heart shrank my throat hurt as if it had swallowed a golf ball. Our eyes glazed and made our lips salty. Teté mum and I said nothing to each other. We had nothing to say. We only felt the tip of a thin needle tearing our hearts into tiny fragments. But the aura you left behind will help us to sew up the pieces together. When I got home I found the note you left for me. I wish I could meet more kind people like you ... but I don’t think that’s possible. Kindness is a fingerprint and the one that comes from you prints unique good vibes wherever you go. Thanks for coming. Thanks once again for helping me to lift up whatever was profoundly lost in my soul. Uma saudade enorme …Kiran bee always visiting our crops. You are always very welcome! Indeed!

Enquanto chão de estrada - depósito dos metais de nossas saudades - te empresto minhas vitrines de alegria. Mais ao sul e muito mais ensolarada quero estar sempre perto e longe de você. Só assim nossas asas coordenadas deslocarão o inverno do seu e do meu coração.