Thursday, 4 December 2008

Waiting for the Clouds to rain on us!

The thing -- spontaneous --head upside down. Gaze gazing inward. throat skyward. Elixir enters through the throat. Transfixed I drink through the throat. Drop by drop it cools the within. It is addicting. As if on a drug. In this case ambrosia. I sit there, cross legged, day after day --head spontaneously upside down, drinking through throat, gazing inward, I’m drenched in meditation, I’m drenched in peace, contentment and ‘wanting more of this’ -neck delightfully glued and hanging over the shoulder --upside down-- as if it is my necks natural position.
I remember. A bird that is full of adventures. A bird that never drinks water from the river or the lake. A bird that waits for months and months. A bird that quenches its thirst in the months of monsoon. I remember a bird with a hole in a throat. A bird that flies upside down at the sight of the first cloud in the sky. A bird that is undaunted by the thunder and the lightening. A bird that drinks unsullied raindrops as they drip from the cloud. I remember such a bird. I'm filled with the rememberance of mythical Chataka.
Our ordeal is same. We sit there like Chataka. Head upside down-- throat skyward--waiting for the clouds to rain on us!

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