Thursday, 12 June 2008

My Mind is Not For Rent

Humm .. got this for. Now what?
All the efforts so I could post a comment on my friends blogg! Worth it? Sure. For a dear one any thing is worth it.
So here I am -- the minimalistic one .. with yet another possession .. this time a blogg.

Did I tell you the stars I have seen in my meditation? And they did not twinkle, mind me .. they were steady, bright and well fully present. Humm .. does this blogg comes with spell checker? I need that one.
Ok, no more diversion .. I was trying to catch my thoughts all day today ..I spread my net and went on with the day as usual .... thoughts happened to me. How could they not? its their nature to happen and hang around ...
not only they hang around, they make my mind their home .. and I end up paying rents for them know? My mind is not for rent you know. I managed to catch them .. some of them .. they were .. just passing. And some? Before I knew it they hijacked my mind and I was making a bread in me head you know? .. the smell of oven baked bread (in head) drove me hungry and brought me back to the present moment .. this is how it is with the thoughts, before you know you are in jungle of thoughts ....Mind me I wont mind them .. but they start manifesting .. they are infecticious ..and before you know it your mind is occupied and you are paying the rent !
But when I sit for meditation thoughts disappears and I feel my heart kindled ... peace and solitude descend on me .. and for a moment I become total Peace. And that moment, that peaceful moment is what sums me up!

Peace and Love


Maria Elisabeth said...

Beautiful...cookly plus plus
xoxo...pleasant weaving of words
I'm also and indeed amazed by this picture. I recognize your mum and you sister. I recognize the place..I've been there I've done that...I miss my India...
Much love my friend

Maria Elisabeth said...

sorry ...not your I see better . They are your sisters

KiranLaxmiAnand said...

cookly plus plus dear friend.
Thank you for your kind words. They (your analysis) mean a lot to me.
yes your beautiful India. We must do that some time. I mean to travel myself there .. Ganges, the ghats, the moutains, the tigers, the jungles, the temples and the rivers ... I miss my desh too.

Much Love, kiran

KiranLaxmiAnand said...

yes, she is sudha, my sister, who did your hair one day. and kalpu behind. and the newly born little cow!