Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Aisle of the Light

I put on my armour, my shawl. I cross my legs and close my eyes. I home in.
Whirling at the bottom gently and slowly my body dances in the lotus posture. Then suddenly with a volcanic jolt She rises from earth to the ether. Both the nostrils at use. Rapid breathing... One way only…. No outgoing. Head thrown back. Elongated neck. Jaws thrown wide open. Coal darkness. Tongue curls up in the throat like the leaf in the wind, finding its way in the space. I feel the sensation of cool breeze inside me. Looking for the truth my tongue rides in the space like the insect riding and looking for light. Beyond blackness of the light there is nothing. I feel stillness pervading my entire being. Ambrosia drips in. I feel dressed in ambrosia as I walk down the aisle of light.

1 comment:

Maria Elisabeth said...

this opening of the throat chakra is something I have never experienced (not yet)...dressed in ambrsosia..isn´t that just?!!!