Thursday, 24 July 2008

Soundless Laugh

I felt the freedom rising and with it I noticed a soft feeling of an awe and respect rising within me. I watched. The breath took an U turn and went upward, down the supra-neural pathways. Pathways cooled the breath. Space expanded and the spontaneous laugher rose and continued. I was laughing. I could feel my facial expression. I could feel my diaphragms. I could feel my laugher. There was no sound. It was laugh without a sound. IT laughed and laughed on its own accord, without a sound. The serpent was tickled inside of me. I had become a soundless laugher. I had become a laughing motion. Full of awe, joy and respect I watched. After a while the laugh and the diaphragm subsided in the awareness, the sounds emerged in the throat and took forms. Those were the harsh, high pitched sounds like the sounds of strangled neck. There was no strangled neck nor was any pain. Those were the sounds that I do not have name for. Were those harsh expressions of the trapped serpent? Or were those sounds, some form of friction as the freedom freed itself? I remained captivated by those harsh sounds as if a bee lost in the sweetness of nectar. There was something peaceful about these sounds. There was something addicting about these sounds. Then, I heard a sound... rather a loud sound. I thought I recognized it... Is this a tiger roar? I laughed at the thought. The thought induced laugh set the diaphragm in motion and the awakened serpent joined in the play, setting the chain reaction of laugher. I gave in to the laugh and laughing I crumbled in foetal position. I was laughing a soundless laugh.

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